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Dibs and Dabs

Somehow I forgot my breakfast this morning. Blah. I pack my breakfast and lunch the night before, but somehow I forgot to put my protein (cheese stick) into my bag, so all I had for breakfast was a half-dozen oyster crackers. (Tiny crackers about the size of a thumb nail.) The administrative assistant for our group left the company last week, so no one has refilled the snack containers (they're in a locked cabinet). Strike two on breakfast. Finally I went to the vending machine and the most harmless item was a 330 calorie packet of peanuts. Blah. It was one serving, but I only ate half of them. They didn't even taste good, so that's especially sucky.

Life was so disrupted last night, I'm surprised I remembered to pack any food at all. Remember how my heat didn't work for weeks? They're finally replacing the whole unit in my ceiling. The plus side is that supposedly it will save me money on my electric bill. The down side is it takes three 8 hour days of men in my bathroom to do it. Men in my bathroom = I can't use it, of course. Usually I work early hours, but I stayed three hours late at work, figuring I could be at home two hours without using it. (Of course that's the day my stomach picks to feel questionable and made me worry about no bathroom access.)

Unsurprisingly while they were working on it, no heat in my apartment, so it was damned cold as well.

Anyway, that's day one down. Today and tomorrow, then they'll be finished. After a day of questionable stomach, peanuts for breakfast were no help at all. Blah icky stomach.

In other news, I'm sad to report that the new book I just started, Chaos Station, is awful in all the ways a self-published book often is. There was a major typo in the very first paragraph, and typos on nearly every page. The writing's not good, the dialogue doesn't sound real at all, and thus far the story is uninteresting. I'd give up on it now, except I accepted it for review, so I'm going to try to get to at least the halfway point.

However, the fact that it sells for only $2.99 on Amazon means I don't feel as bad about not finishing a book I was given for free to review. It just depresses me what's out there for sale nowadays.
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