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I'm finally upgrading my potato

While my computer is only a couple years ago, apparently I either bought at a bad time or (more likely) my lack of knowledge did me in. I have just a regular hard drive in it, which means in online games, I'm already far far behind. You need a SSD for fastest zoning.

People with a SSD zone near instantly/in seconds. I take multiple minutes.

I've been thinking about upgrading for months, but what held me back was that I didn't know what I should get (beyond "must have SSD"). I know building your own machine is best, but I don't feel comfortable doing that. We were talking about it online, and I was told that there are services that will do it for you, for basically the same price as making it yourself. Sold!

Poking about the site, I decided on this one: Gamer Infinity 8800 Pro with a few customizations. It's not their most powerful gaming one, but it should be a major upgrade for me. (Currently I get 15-30 FPS, the new one will give me 261 even with max settings.)

It's a desktop machine, which I realized meant I needed another monitor (I got spoiled with my laptop's second one), so I headed over to Amazon and ordered another of the ones I currently use. This one.

Now I just have to wait. It will take 8 business days for them to ship out my PC, and it comes by ground, so I probably won't get it to the end of the month-ish.

My current computer is acting up, so I hope it lasts that long. It'll be nice to be able to make the switch between machines at my own pace, with both of them running, instead of trying to fumble through it after the old one died. The old one just has to last long enough to let that happen!
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