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The Phenomenon & random work amusement

The Phenomenon is a piece of original fiction being written on/posted on reddit. It started from another thread: What's the scariest sound you could hear? Someone posted this fake emergency broadcast system announcement and the story took off from there. It's up to 50 chapters now, new ones posted near-daily. I'm enjoying reading it a lot.

At work, we have tons of long file names, so folks abbreviate them a lot. Most of the time, that's all well and good. We have a file analyzer though... Can you see where this is going? Today I've been working with files named anal_time, anal_option, working_with_anal, etc. I can't decide if people named them that out of amusement, or didn't realize what they were doing. All of my group is much older than me, and very straight-laced, so I'm suspecting they didn't see the humor in it.

Either way, I'm having a very hard time not snickering out loud.
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