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Medical lab work: Yay and boo

After getting gastric bypass surgery, you need labwork on your blood done on a regular basis. I got my first set done today.

The good news: My A1Cs (the test for diabetes) came back normal. Normal range is 4.8-5.6, and mine was 5.2, so I believe that means my diabetes is gone. I'm still taking one medicine for it (once a day, down from twice -- stopped using two others I was on when I left the hospital). I only have a few test strips left, but I'm going to see if maybe I should stop taking that last one, too. I'm not really comfortable making the decision myself, but that's what the surgeon said to do. Why not just stop taking it now, if my A1C numbers are good? The medicine could be helping keep them good, I think. /not a doctor

The bad/annoying news: The urine test is a 24 hour collection. Not only will that be a pain and gross, but I have to keep it in my personal refrigerator during that 24 hours! With my food! EW EW EW EW. I think I'm going to wrap the container in a few dozen plastic bags...

Men have such an easier time with urine collection. This is one of the very few times I have penis envy.

Edit: More results coming in. CBC normal. Iron, magnesium, and glucose low. B12 high (wouldn't that be a good thing?).

Correction: Iron saturation is low, plain "iron" is normal -- no idea what the difference means or if it's important.
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