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Go home, TurboTax, you're drunk

This has been a pretty darned sucky day. Bandaged my toe so I could go to work this morning, it bleed through the bandage (ugh). Got home to take care of it, and the gauze was stuck in the nailbed? Whatever you call the flesh that your nail used to cover. Soaked it 10 minutes, couldn't get it off. Soaked another 10 minutes, still stuck. Soaked 30 minutes. Nope. Soaked in hydrogen peroxide, no help. Decided it might be old, so went out and bought a new bottle, soaked. Nope. Sent message to doctor, she helpfully told me not to use gauze...

I still haven't gotten it out. I have no idea what to do. I'd assume that if it were a horribly bad thing, the doctor would have told me to come in and she'd deal with it. I guess if I can't get it out tomorrow, I'll message her again.

So sick of dealing with doctors. Saw her yesterday. Have an appointment with a different one tomorrow. Stupid toe.

To make matters worse, recall how happy I was to get my taxes finished and submitted? And for the first year ever, I was getting almost $1,000 back? Yeah, well my mother's retirement account guy only sent out his forms today... I didn't even want to use him, but my mother kept wanting me to, so I gave in and let him invest a couple thousand.

So now I have to do an amended tax return. He sent three new forms, one of which you can't even do through TurboTax (not unless you upgrade to their $60 premier version). And to make matters worse, I now owe $1,000. Really, the money I gave him made $2,300 in interest, and now I have to pay $2000 in taxes on it. Where's the value in that?

After I finished redoing my taxes (joy, took as much time to do as the first time), TurboTax's success screen said:

Filing feels good! Share your tax triumph with your friends.

With the $700 and $300 I owe next to it. Triumph, TurboTax? Really?

So grumpy. Stupid toe. Stupid taxes. I just want to hide in bed and not come out.
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