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How about a post with good news?

This week was a pretty stressful week, but at the moment things are going smoothly.

- Gauze in wound: It's still there, but the doctor finally replied back and said it would fall off on its own (changeling72 was right!). I worry the skin will grow in around it, but I'm not a doctor. Pulling it off would be painful as hell, so I'm happy to just leave it there. Two days of worrying I'd have to run to their office on the drop of a hat (whenever they had a time they could see me), whew! Done!

I do have to see my regular toe doctor again on Wednesday, hopefully she'll agree with this other doctor that it's okay to just leave it.

- My new computer: After having parts in stuck in that port strike, they still got it shipped out on time! And somehow UPS Ground shipping was overnight shipping. o.O I suspect because their location is so close to where I live.

Once it arrived, I carefully unpacked it and set it up, then turned it on... nothing. Dead. Though I don't like opening it up, I checked all the connections I could find, and it looked fine. Turns out there's a second power "button" (a section of the case/housing), I found it only by chance. Who in the world would think of poking random parts of the case to see if that would start it!

I've spent most of today reinstalling stuff. Still not done, but getting closer.

The tower is bigger than any tower I've ever seen before. It has to be nearly three feet tall, and about as wide! One side is see-through with a blue glowing light, which would be seriously cool if I didn't have to set it up with that side facing the wall. There's not much I really need to use on the front, maybe I'll turn it around and just have the wires in my face all the time.

- Weight: Most weeks I lose 1-2 pounds (or less...), which I'd be overjoyed about if I were on a normal diet. This week was a good week though, six pounds lost! I have ZERO idea why. Losing weight is such a mystery.

I wanted to do "diet math" for a while now. I meant to do it on the six month anniversary of my surgery, but that would have been five days ago. Close enough!

While I had my surgery on 9/15/14, I started losing weight for it on 7/9/14.

Total lost since 7/9: 104 pounds in 36 weeks = 2.8888 pounds lost per week
Total lost since 9/15: 82 pounds in 27 weeks = 3.037 pounds lost per week

Those are interesting numbers, but let's see if I'm slowing down like I think I've been.

Total lost since 1/1: 26 pounds in 11 weeks = 2.36 pounds lost per week

Well, brain, you see the numbers now. It's slowing down a little, but not horribly badly.

Before surgery, I expected to lose 15-20 pounds per week, so I was just a tad off there. Wait! Let's do another bit of math. If I keep losing at that rate for the next six months, I'll hopefully lose another ~80 pounds. (Okay, I didn't need to do math there, since we already had the six month calculations.)

Oh, and I saw the doctor about my bloodwork (to make sure I'm not short on vitamins and my organs aren't failing and such). I had good numbers on everything except magnesium (only slightly low, so I'm taking a pill twice a week) and protein. Blah on protein! I don't know how I'll eat more of it, since I mostly only eat protein now and I don't want to drink shakes (too many calories). Will have to ponder.

Well, enough babbling on about weight. Yay weekend! I haven't slept more than four hours a night all week, so hopefully tonight I can sleep.

Edit: OMG, my computer is so cool! And I mean that literally! Curious, I checked the temperatures, and the highest one is 32 degrees! One of the readings is -55 (must be the heatsink thingie or an error). My laptop was ~100 all the time, even with a cooling mat and a stand to keep it off the desk. This new machine has like 12 fans (and a nice screen covering them, to keep the cat hair out!). I'm not getting the FPS they advertised (261), but I'm getting in the low hundreds with all settings on max, which is still quite nice.
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