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Book #6 of 2015: Warbreaker / And non-book news

Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson
Rating: Disliked (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

There were two quotes from this book that could sum the whole thing up:

Random character said (paraphrasing, since I didn't mark the quote):
War is coming, you say? War's been coming for generations, it'll be coming for generations more. What makes now different? Nothing.

The author wrote:
My books, I know, can be kind of slow sometimes. That comes from the fact that I, myself, like to read books that are kind of slow.

There's a slow book and then there's this book. 688 pages, and by the halfway point, not a single sign of real plot movement. "War is coming," but like the character said: It's been coming for generations, and it'd likely be coming for generations more. Just low level hostility between two nations.

Three-quarters of the way through the book, still not much happening. Nice world building? Yeah. Interesting magic system? Meh, sort of. But so little plot. Add onto that that I hated two of the three main characters, and this book was a chore to read.

It was such a shame, I had been saving this book for when I was sure I'd need a good one. (I loved his other books so much, and everyone said such good things about this one...)

I'd explain the plot, but I already did. War is coming (slowly, with no real effort, energy, or drive behind it). Some people wanted it to happen, most didn't.

There were a group of "physical" gods in the book (gods in physical human bodies, sort of). They were the most awful, unenjoyable people to read about.

Twice in the book, characters did a 180 on personality. The first time, a group of people acted as friends, then betrayed one of the main characters. Usually I like plot twists, but this pissed me off as there were no indications that I could see that it would happen -- it felt like the characters were changed mid-story just as a plot device. Then, as annoyed as I was at that happening, it happened a second time!

Blah. As much as I usually like his work, I'm hard-pressed to name a single thing I liked about it. It even had many editing issues (missing periods, lots of missing capitalization, multiple characters' dialogue in the same paragraph). Okay, one thing I did like was the 'twist' that explained the title.


In non-book news, saw my podiatrist today about my toe. She pulled the stuck-in gauze out OW OW OW. Big open raw/bloody section again now. Ow. I'm on another run of antibiotics for it, one I might be allergic to (but it's also the most effective one against MRSA, so... the allergist couldn't narrow down what I was allergic to, so she listed the antibiotic just to be safe, so we're going to take the chance).

Also spent the morning at a conference for work. Boring stuff, but it was nice to get out of the office and visit the convention center. It would have been a nice short work day, except had to go to the doctor after, so. Oh well, home now! Yay!
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