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Book #7 of 2015: Snow Flower: Arara's Tale | Walking Dead news | Health

Snow Flower: Arara's Tale by Madison Keller
Rating: Liked (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

Look at the book's cover. Look at my rating for this book. Doesn't seem to match, does it?

I got this book expecting it to be awful. I mean, look at the cover! Yeah, yeah, "You can't tell a book by its cover", except usually you can.

While Snow Flower was far from perfect, it was a surprisingly enjoyable read.

It takes place on a fantasy world? alien planet? Somewhere where dogs(?) are the dominant species. There's some other race of things as well (something that's "cold to the touch"), but I have no idea what they're supposed to be.

One of the big downsides of this book was that we were missing all backstory and description -- it's a prequel set in the world of the first book, so I suppose all the information is in that.

The dogs(?) are evolved(?), they can stand and walk on two legs if they want, but are also comfortable on four. They wear minimal clothing (shorts and a harness), and can talk plus have some sort of mental communication system (only within their pack?).

The packs (basically like a town, I think) have alphas/betas/omegas, and the story was about the girl puppy of an omega couple. She was bullied badly, but because of the pack social structure it was an okay thing to do.

For all I didn't know about the story, I quite liked it. That surprises the hell out of me, because... look at that cover. This novella is currently free on Amazon (click the link at the top of this post if you like -- I get nothing if you do). I enjoyed it enough that I paid for the next book, and will be reading it next.


The new Walking Dead spin-off has a name: Fear the Walking Dead. *cough* Quite, um, original.. I guess they wanted to be sure that people knew the new show was related to the first one. It stars someone named Cliff Curtis, and is set in LA in the early days of the zombie outbreak.

I'll be checking it out, once it airs.

In health news, I'm still quite red all over and feel not so great. Luckily I haven't been light-headed or fainting, but I still feel pretty blah. I took my last pill of the antibiotic I was allergic to on Wednesday night, so you'd think this would be out of my system by now (Google tells me it can take a few days though). I have an appointment with my new doctor on Monday for a follow-up.
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