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NPR, you have greatly disappointed me.

When I'm in the car, I'm listening to NPR. There's always interesting stuff to learn through them.

While driving to lunch, one of their hour-long shows went off-topic to announce an exiting story: Hillary Declares 2016 Run, Files For Divorce. The story had really interesting info on how this would impact her campaign and such. (You can listen to it or read the transcript at the link.)

They ended the story with:

"Though the news is still being developed, one thing is certain: This is an April Fools' prank."

Seriously? I can put up with "jokes" from websites and random people, but a news show should not run fake news as a joke. Not only did it piss me off because I got all excited about it (her officially running, not the divorce), but what if someone turned off their radio mid-story and missed that it was a joke? You should be able to trust a news source when they run a news story.

I suppose that's better than the evening news yesterday. They ran a story about how McDonalds was now going to be serving breakfast all day in some areas.

In unrelated, yet good news: The MMO content I mentioned this morning that I spent five hours yesterday trying to beat? Beat it tonight, woot. Took three more hours and a bunch of tries (with a party of randoms, but a party who stuck together through it all so we learned to work together). That means I got to see all of the end of the storyline for this expansion.

One of the cutscenes? More than an hour long. And there were more than a dozen other cutscenes in a row, adding up to almost three hours of cutscenes and wonderful, shocking, great, amazing storyline. Three hours. That's a whole movie worth of cutscenes! FFXIV is an amazing game.

Now I just have to hold out two months and change for the new expansion and more storyline. Don't know how I'm going to do it. :)

Huh. I have a bunch of FFXI and WoW icons, but no FFXIV ones.
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