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Edit: Um, WTF. LJ won't let me post this. "Client error: Sorry, there is a problem with content of your entry: spam patterns were detected". Seriously? I've been a paid member for more than ten years, and you suddenly think I'm spamming? I'm going to cut out piece by piece and see what is setting that off...


My friends list was full of interesting stuff today!

wow_hazmat posted something I was certain I wouldn't enjoy, but ended up loving: Wrestling Isn't Wrestling. A video explaining all the positives of professional wrestling done in a highly amusing and entertaining way. The video is nearly a half-hour long, and I wish it were many times longer. Give it a try, if you're like me, you'll be hooked in the first moments and will grin through the whole thing. (This coming from someone who has not watched professional wrestling since the 80s.)

hamsterwoman posted a link to Google Feud: "like Family Feud with Google Autocomplete answers". It's surprisingly hard and often quite amusing!


Okay, this is the part that LJ thinks is spam. I'll post it without the link, just copy/paste it. /// Okay, or not. LJ doesn't like that URL at all. If you care to see the story, remove the spaces from the domain name when you copy/paste.

And lastly, from non-LJ sources: Disney Making Live-Action ‘Winnie The Pooh’ Film - http://dea dl
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