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"In space, no one can hear you cream"

As happens with many popular movies nowadays, there's a porn version of Guardians of the Galaxy ... and it's online for free!

It's surprisingly well done. Quite funny and worth watching! At least the first 15 minutes. Then things get... strange. Very strange. It looks like all the storyline is done by 30 minutes in, but I only skimmed after that.

Can't embed it (and it's NWS anyway, of course), so click here to see it.

You can hear the song again in the last minute or so, over the credits. It's quite well done!

In less interesting movie news, there's going to be a Play-Doh movie...

Edit: LJ tried to block my post as spam again, it didn't like the Play-Doh movie link. If that happens to you, using tinyurl to change it works to get around the issue.
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