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Yummy in my tummy

I feel like I should be sloshing when I walk. Bringing in Cheerios cereal and adding milk at work makes for a really nice breakfast. And I almost never usually drink milk, so that's an added bonus! How great is it to start your day with cereal and then being able to drink the leftover milk from the "bowl" (plastic container)? Wonderful!

My eyes don't want to focus this morning. Sleep last night: two hours. When 11 PM rolled around, my body felt like it was dinner time/early evening. When 12 arrived (lights out time) it still didn't feel anything even close to time to sleep, but I turned out my lights anyway. No sleep.

I think there really is a person living next door to me, which sucks. He clomps around (walks really heavy with some kind of hard shoes) all night. I stayed awake listening to him. And his parking spot is next to mine, and he drives one of those "extended" pickup trucks. Lucky me, he's the biggest vehicle in the lot! It's a pain in the ass getting out around him. Sigh. If this keeps up, I might not bother asking to get my rent lowered and just move out. Whimper. Hate hate hate the thought of moving, but...

...I think my head might already be in a "moving" state. I'm half-collecting boxes and have been going through my things and throwing stuff out. If I do move, I've decided not to bring a lot of my books with me. Yeah, I shipped them across the country when I moved out here, but I haven't read them in ten+ years and I'm not really intending to read them again, so why keep them? I can more than use the shelf space...
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