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The Originals?

Does anyone happen to watch The Originals? I caught a few episodes on TV (it's on before or after something else I watch), but I might have gotten a mistaken impression about the show. I know it's a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, but I had thought it was about werewolves. I needed something to watch, spotted it on Netflix, and decided to check it out from the beginning.

Darned thing is full of vampires.

It may seem overly picky, but I like werewolves and dislike vampires. While the show is both pretty and full of pretty people, if it's only about vampires, then I'm not going to stick with it. There's some werewolf? half-werewolf? carrying a vampire's baby, but that's not much werewolf in a world of vampires.

The witches seem kind of cool though.

Does anyone on my friends list happen to watch it?
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