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Small wins

I was all ready to write a post like I did last Friday. "Gained weight yet again!" "ANOTHER unexpected $1500 medical bill!". Both turned out to be, while not good, less bad than they seemed.

My weight is doing poorly. Three weeks ago, I gained a pound. Next week I stayed the same. Last week I gained a pound again. Spot checking on Wednesday, I was up THREE MORE POUNDS! Arg! When I was even more careful this week than I had been the rest of the month! All this with NO cheating and no change in food! This morning's official weigh-in had me "down" .2 pounds (two tenths of a pound) from last week. While staying basically the same is NOT good, especially not after gaining two pounds in three weeks, it's a hell of a lot better than gaining three pounds, so I'll call that a small win.

Last week I got a bill for $1,500 for my ER visit. On top of $1,800 for my new computer (which had seemed a comfortable purchase at the time), and losing $1,000 tax return in exchange for owing $1,000, it was painful. This week I got a $1,600 medical bill for a variety of checkups and issues with my ingrown toe nail -- again totally unexpected (I kinda forgot that the deductible reset for the year), and even more painful than last week's unexpected bills. After a number of phone calls, I found out that I "only" owed $650. Happy about an unexpected $650 bill? No, but it's a hell of a lot better than owing another $1,600.

Small wins.

Edit: Odd. I tried LJ's new "show related posts" feature, but nothing shows.
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