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It's so very odd...

By chance, I found an old LJ of mine. It's an IC account, for a character I used to RP 5+ years ago. haken_the_dk Not only did I forget it existed, I forgot everything I wrote in it, so I get to read it now as if it were totally new to me.

It's so so so so odd to like what I wrote. I'm sitting here grinning as I say to myself "This is so good!", then being all embarrassed because it's my own writing and who says that about their own work?

This is also strange, but: It's odd to hear my "voice" in these posts -- I still use a lot of the same phrasing and such. It's not strange that I still use them, it's strange that that seems strange to me.

I wish I had saved more RP logs from that time. I wonder if I have them around somewhere? And I need to somehow back up these LJ posts so I don't ever lose them for good.

I'd really like to contact the person I was RPing with at the time, Mornherald (on DW), but not only do I not really know how to get in contact with him anymore, I worry how we left things. Way too often, when I have a one-on-one RP partner, it always ends badly. I don't know why. I seem to remember having contact with him post-RP though, so maybe we left things okay.

I wish I had more time. There are 90-something IC posts, and I've only gotten through ten of them, and it's about time to log for bed. I'm reading backwards, but I really should stop and go back to the beginning and start there.

Edit: Okay, the earliest ones aren't as good as the later ones. I guess that makes sense, it would have taken me some time to develop the character's voice. So if you glance at that LJ to see an example of what I think is good, be sure to look at the latest/newest posts!

Also, I found an old OOC journal of Mornherald's, last updated last year, and left him a comment. Hopefully it will go to an email account he still checks!
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