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Google continues its dominance over... well... everything

Recall how yesterday I posted about the Internet Wayback Machine not having archived a site I was looking for? Well it turns out Google is better than the Wayback Machine. I've never seen this feature mentioned before, I found it by chance.

Google archives stuff!

At the end of the URL, there's often a little arrow. Click it and you get a 'cached' option. I found lots of stuff I had thought was lost!

And in more amusing, less helpful screenshots: I decided to make a DW journal just to back up my old IC LJ one I had rediscovered, so I trotted over to their site and went through the process of making a DW account...


And, as you can see from my images in this post, I have a new FTP tool. I love WinSCP, it's exactly what I was looking for!

And lastly: So very very tired. I've not gotten more than a couple hours sleep for three nights now. Darned upstairs neighbors. I swear to god, who moves furniture at 11 PM? Especially when they also get up at 4 AM? Are there two of them? One noisy late and the other early? Blah.

My eyes are killing me, too. I've spent so many hours reading these IC journals and RP logs, my poor old eyes just can't take that anymore.
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