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"All of reddit is a cesspool".

On a regular basis, I hear people saying reddit is a horrible place, there's nothing of value there, nothing but trolls, etc. And yet, again and again, I find wonderful subreddits that enrich my life (or at least entertain me through boring periods).

Today I found /r/AskScienceFiction/ -- Ask Science Fiction. People ask a question about a fictional world, and all the answers have to be either in character for that world or answered based on only information that can be found by characters in that world. Even for themes I don't know (so many of them!), it's really, really interesting reading.

Examples based on just the very first page of threads.

There are thoughtful questions: "[Star Trek] What do Ferengi think about theft?" or "[Batman] How would Batman react to the Joker's murder?"

Silly ones: "[Friends] What causes all the nipples in the Friends universe to poke out of shirts" or "[Marvel/DC] can superheroes donate their seed?"

Very IC ones that I wish I knew more about the theme, because then I'd enjoy reading it even more: "[40k]I've been captured by strange looking Eldar. What happens now?"

I subscribe to a number of subreddits (/r/ffxiv, /r/askreddit, /r/ThePhenomenon, and /r/mildlyinteresting are the ones I spend the most time on), and trolls are few and very far between. Mostly it's just good, entertaining reading.

I guess hating reddit is about the same as people who say all TV sucks or there are no good movies made anymore...
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