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Good thing, bad thing

Forgive two posts in a row, but I didn't want to put non-book stuff into the book review post. While usually I live in fear of an author finding my review posts (since usually they're kind of rough on the writing), this one was so positive I linked the author to it -- I thought it might make her happy to see it. I've never done that before, but a week or so back I left a comment on her blog about something related to the story, and her comment was quite friendly and positive, so I thought she'd be open to a link. (Edit: She wrote back already and said she was happy I linked her to it. Yay!)

Anyway, the good and the bad. I'll start with the bad, for ease of reading.

The bad: My god, body, what the hell are you doing? I did a spot check on my weight this morning, and I'm up two and a half pounds. What the living fuck? If this holds true on Friday, it will mean I gained three of the last five weeks, stayed the same one week, and lost one week. That is not what is supposed to be happening! I am not cheating! I'm not eating fast food! No sweets, no chips, not even any nuts! I swear, body, I'm willing to hack off a leg to lose weight, don't make me do that!

A plateau is one thing, but gaining weight is NOT A PLATEAU. Arg fricking fracking I'm going to cry or throw things.

The good: Lost. I can never decide if I should put spoilers behind a cut. The show is ten years old though, so it feels silly to cut them. If by chance you're planning on watching the show, just skip the rest of this post.

Man, I'm loving this rewatching so much. I remember almost nothing about it, so it's nearly new to me. I remember more how I felt about the characters than the characters themselves, so it's interesting to see how I feel about them now.

I had hated Kate when I watched the first time. While I don't love her now, I fully understand her and can accept her as a character.

I loved Sawyer at the time, and I'm a lot less into him now. He's a fun character, but I suppose I'm more mature now and less into assholes (even if his assholeness is just a front).

I'm surprised at how much I liked Boone. I remember all the jokes about how useless he was (lifeguard who couldn't give mouth-to-mouth and who had to be rescued from drowning!), but man, I loved his character arc so much, how he became Locke's little attack puppy. I was so sorry to see his character die.

I don't remember how I felt about Sayid at the time, but he might just be my favorite character now, both character-wise and in attractiveness.

I had loved Locke before, but now I'm seeing him more as... There's a fandom term, "whump", which is basically abuse of a character, sometimes as part of a hurt/comfort plot, sometimes just because it's fun to pile all the abuse on one guy. It feels like Locke is that guy. More and more bad stuff (pre-island) keeps happening to him, and all I can do is feel bad for the guy. (The last ep I saw yesterday was about the rich guy pretending to be his father just so he could get one of his kidneys...)

If I'm right in remembering all the people on the island are already dead (don't confirm/correct me!), then I wonder what happens when they die. Did Boone go on to his final resting place, or to some new purgatory? Also, why are they in a purgatory? Some of them (Locke, Jack) don't seem to have done any bad stuff, why don't they just get to move straight to heaven?

I love all these characters so much. Even with all of their flaws, they're all good people.
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