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I know it's kind of pointless to post about Lost, since I don't want people to correct my mistakes or confirm what I guess (no spoilers!), but I've been watching so much of it, I want to post about it again.

I'm not going to use a spoiler cut, since the show is 10 years old, but if by chance you haven't seen it and are considering watching it, just skip this post. Spoilers up to early in season four.

The end of season three took off right after I made my "I'm really not enjoying this" post, haha. For a while, things got really, really good. Like Locke's father arriving in the "magic box" implying things about the island (that it's not an island, that it's Hell).

We got another scene with my most favorite Lost character ever: Jin's father. Just seeing him makes me happy (and sad). Such a wonderfully kind man, so positive and yet so humble. He crushes me (in a good way). The way he wiped off his hand before he would touch Sun made me want to sob and shake him and hug him forever.

I noticed something odd: In most shows, I don't usually like established couples, but Jin/Sun and Bernard/Rose make me so very happy. They're my favorite main characters (and I'm so worried about one of them from each couple dying).

My dislike of Jack and Kate grows with each episode.

Charlie's death killed me. Other than scenes with Jin's father, it's the only time I nearly cried so far. (I had to pause the episode for a while so I wouldn't cry.) I was spoiled and knew it was coming, but they handled it so well and it was so sad and just arg! If I was reading the scene right, it was totally unnecessary that he died -- Desmond had the scuba stuff for both(?) of them. That made it even worse. Even if there was just one set of scuba stuff (which wouldn't make sense, since there were multiple people there), they could have shared it. *sniffles* Darned you, Charlie.

So anyway, season four. Instead of flashbacks, we're getting... what do we call them? Flashforwards? I'm really confused as to how they got off the island. I thought I read spoilers that the island was indeed purgatory, so... now I'm just confused again. Also, I'm confused as they keep mentioning "The Oceanic Six" in the flashforwards -- there are a heck of a lot more than six people left on the island, so what happens to them all?

I'm really getting worried about how the show will end. I read that people either were satisfied with the ending or hated it (depending on what they were watching the show for -- getting to know the characters or the mystery). I'm watching for the mystery, so I'm worried I'm going to be in the hated it group. At this point in the series, I'm watching for Answers. What is the island? What are the monsters? What in the world is Jacob? How does the "magic" happen?

Amusingly, I'm kind of missing TV. I haven't watched anything other than Lost in... 13? days. Something like that. I'm worried that if I stop watching it, something else will hook me and I'll never get back to finishing the series. AGAIN. I've watched part of it so many times, but never the whole thing. Early in season 3 was as far as I've gotten, so I set a new record this time, but darned it all, I want to see the whole show this time.
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