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Need a laugh?

While I always tell people I don't have a Facebook account, actually I do. (Oops! Secret's out!) My mother is very active on it, and before I had an account she would print out and snailmail me funny/interesting things. I figured if she did that much for me, I could at least make an account to make it easier for her. (Sorry, no, not sharing the account name. It's only purpose is for her and a few other family members who live near her.)

I had thought that jokes about Facebook were exaggeration, but they're really not. My aunt sends me chain letters on a regular basis. Those "Share these with nine people or SOMETHING BAD will happen!" types of things. I sat there staring at the first one she sent -- I couldn't believe those even existed anymore!

While hitting the reddit random button (shows you random subreddits) to find something new to read, I came across /r/TheFacebookDelusion/. Holy cow is this stuff funny in a scary sort of way!

For example:
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