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This week's HP100 story

This week's challenge:

"The challenge: use all five senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing) in one one-hundred word drabble. Since it's Harry Potter, you could probably throw in the sixth sense too, if you wish."

My little story:

Title: Nancy Reagan Never Visited Hogwarts
Word Count: 100, on the nose
Author notes and ramblings: Upon first reading of the challenge, I thought I'd have no ideas for it. Then I had one and wished I hadn't. :) Also, I'm probably dating myself with that title... Poke me in a comment if you don't get the joke in it.


"Trevor! Trevor!"

Hand pressed against his side, Neville ran, searching for his lost pet.


Hearing the cry, the panting boy slowed. There! In the shadow! Spotting Trevor, Neville dropped to his knees and scooped his pet up. "There you are!" Neville had long since grown accustom to the feel of the toad's wet skin (and the sometimes swampy smell).

Ron came running up. "You found him?"

Neville nodded as he stood up. The two boys exchanged a grin and then hurried out of sight.

Neville went first, licking Trevor's back. The taste was worth it though...

Ah, the colors.

Man, I'm behind on updating my HP100 page. I need to add whatever I did last week (I think only one...). I feel like such a slacker.

(Edit: Updating done!)
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