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Now I wish I hadn't watched Lost so quickly *sniffles*

Reminder: Spoilers for Lost! But the show is 10 years old, so not going to cut this. Skip this post if you haven't watched the whole series yet!

I actually have seven minutes left in the "final" episode (there's one after this one, an epilogue, but for some reason Netflix doesn't have it), but I had to pause it so I don't start crying.

Man, this last season might just be better than the first one. I love nearly every single bit about it.

Ironically, the one part that doesn't work for me? Too much information/too many answers. My worry this whole time had been not enough answers, but if they had left out that light/source of the power of the island (world?) thing, I would have liked it a lot more. It's not bad, I just... I just like things a little more open-ended/unexplained. (Again, ironic, I know.)

But that was a minor, minor thing I didn't like (and "didn't like" is really putting it too strongly). I don't usually curse, but: Holy fucking shit, I loved so so so so so much about the ending. I loved early on in this season, when the second timeline started. I loved how when people died in one timeline, we still had them in the other. And most of all, I loved how everyone not just met again, but they remembered everything after touching their loved one. Usually I'd say I hate soulmate storylines, but somehow it 10000000% worked for me here.

For all its sci fi/fantasy/mystery trappings, I think at its heart Lost was a great love story. I can't believe how sniffily I am over this ending.

Tomorrow I get to start reading all the AV Club recap/review of each ep (Edit: Drat, they're only up to the middle of season three! Slackers!). I had been doing it as I watched it, but I had to skip all the spoilers, so I decided to just wait and read it all at the end.

Okay, guess I'm okay to watch the last few minutes now. Don't cry, don't cry... Okay, this might be a lost cause. 30 seconds, had to pause it, crying. That I came to like Jack in the end makes this all the harder. I love how they're handling the life after death stuff (and I sure do wish it were real).

Man, they couldn't have made that ending more aimed at making me cry. That was so perfect. Jack slowly dying, intercut with him in the... 'afterlife waiting room'? Then Vincent laying down next to him as Jack dies. That couldn't have been more wonderfully, awfully, terribly perfect.

I'm so very glad I finally made it through the series. While seasons two, three, and part of four didn't work for me, it was so worth it to stick with it to reach the last two seasons. It also amuses me how I knew a major spoiler ("They're all dead") and it didn't at all matter -- didn't spoil anything. ...wait, or am I not understanding something. Was the second timeline never a real timeline? Were they really dead and they just couldn't "let go" (theme of the whole dying thing)? I need to go read all the spoiler comments I was avoiding all this time!

Icon: Usually I'd eat my keyboard before using an animated icon, but wow, this one is so fitting. I can't resist! It's an old anime icon, the two characters were dying next to each other...
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