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After finishing Lost, I was able to go back to watching regular TV, only to (again) realize that I wasn't missing all that much. I really should consider ditching my cable TV service. I can't remember the last time there was something on TV that I wanted to watch. Sometimes I turn on the news (UGH), stupid daytime court TV shows (UGH UGH), or sitcom reruns (meh). I used to watch cooking shows, but so many of them have turned into game shows, personality shows, or whatever else. I do like watching PBS cooking shows, but those only account for a couple hours a week.

On one hand, it's "only" $120/month, but adding that up for the year... that's the cost of a nice new computer. Wonder if I could get the basic channels with rabbit ears or something? (But then, I may just be too lazy to download/find elsewhere the few shows that I am interested in. Defiance will be returning soon, and I always like Face Off and that'll be back soon. Um... there have to be more shows than that...)

Hm, if I got rid of cable, I suppose I'd drop Tivo too. I have no idea how much I'm paying a month for that, though I think I took out a year contract at some point.

Something to consider, anyway.

Needing a new show to watch, I poked at Netflix a bit (people gave me such good suggestions, I just was too lazy to go back to check that post). Because I've been reading so much on Ask Science Fiction, Star Wars: Clone Wars caught my eye. I'm a bad, bad nerd, and not really much into Star Wars at all. No real reason, it's not like I think the movies are bad or anything. I saw the first three back when they were originally released (or soon after), but not since then. I seemed to remember tersa saying she watched it? So I figured I'd give it a try.

Turns out I liked it a whole lot! I'm only three episodes in, but I loved the first ep tons, and the next two were pretty good as well. I dislike the "spunky" young female lead(?) character. Google tells me I'm talking about Ahsoka Tano.

The eps are only 20 minutes long, which is almost jarringly short after the hour-long jam-packed Lost eps. The animation is surprisingly nice -- not movie quality, but the designs of the alien races are quite creative and interesting.
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