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HP fanfic rec: Saving Connor (The Sacrifices Arc)

Saving Connor: Book one of The Sacrifices Arc series, by lightningwave.

I don't read anywhere near as much fanfic as I'd like. But, since this is a long weekend and I saw a rec that made the fic sound like a good match for me, I figured I'd check it out. It's Harry Potter, and though I haven't read any HP fanfic in years, I'm still fine with reading things from that canon.


First off: Each book in this series (seven!) is longer than the canon books. And, in my opinion, better written. (How impressive is it that the author mentioned in one of her author notes that she had to do homework? Hopefully she's a college student! If she's a high school student and writes this well, she has quite a career ahead of her.)

This is an AU story. Harry Potter has a twin, and the twin (Connor) is actually the Boy Who Lived. The prophecy states that Harry has to protect Connor and keep him as "innocent" (able to love) as possible. So, based on that, his parents raise/train/groom Harry to do nothing but protect his brother, make sure it's his brother who has the spotlight, that no one pays attention to Harry. Abusive? Sort of, but in all other aspects they love and take care of him.

While this is an AU, every single character is believable as who they're supposed to be. (Especially Snape, I LOVE this Snape!) It's going to eventually be Harry/Draco, but that's way down the road. (I even like this Draco, and usually he doesn't work much for me.)

The series is finished, but I'm only two-thirds of the way through the first book. However, based on the quality of the writing and the story thus far, I'm fully comfortable reccing it.

I've read so much in such a short time that I've given myself a headache! I'd like to read more, but have to stop for the night.

If you like HP fanfic, do yourself a favor and check this out!
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