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Two WTF? books with a side of Batman vs Superman XXX

My to read pile is getting "low" (only ten pages of books on my Kindle, six books per page), so I decided I could let myself look for some new ones. Oh the number of wacky books out there.

- The Green Kangaroos by Jessica McHugh
Overview: Perry Samson loves drugs. He’ll take what he can get, but raw atlys is his passion. Shot hard and fast into his testicles, atlys helps him forget that he lives in an abandoned Baltimore school...

- This Shifter Squad series, which has laughably bad covers:

And for the porn: I love these comic book movie porn spoofs. This is just the trailer for one, and work safe (no naked bits, no sex). It's quite amusing, and has an ending more serious than I would have expected from even a non-spoof:

Hopefully the full movie will be around online somewhere, like most of these porn comic book spoof movies are (official free online releases, not pirated). I suspect it will be quite amusing. (The DVD is even offering a non-sex version of it!)
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