Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Silly Summaries

I've thought about collecting silly fanfic summaries, but since I could never do it as well as McTabby, I mostly push that thought out of my mind. This one, however, needs to be shared. Whole thing:

Kathryn Lim can survive, just not right now

So guess that this chapter will be the last one of the story?


These Fiction Alley emailed updates are killing me! It's so easy to fall behind, even with a digest mailing. Seems like I always have four or five in my box to comb through.

Problem with catching up: Then I have an extra-long list of stories/chapters I need to read!

Problem with not catching up: I'll miss notification of updated WIPs I'm reading! Aie!

Wow, I'm hyper. A soda and M&Ms will do that to you...
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