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Quickie post in three parts

In no special order:

1) Toy Soldiers: War Chest looks like it will be quite an amusing game! It's a war game, but played out with toys. Oh, not just any generic toys, It's got big name licensing going on: Hasbro and Mattel. So you'll be able to use Rainbow Brite, He-Man, GI Joe, and many other toys.

2) My apartment has a silverfish problem, which is gross enough (I know they're harmless, but they're so ugly and horrible!), but now it's worse: Millipedes! Those things are big! Up to two inches long! They're so much worse than silverfish, ugh.

Last night one came in under my door (!!!), so I put a cup over it, scooped it up, and threw it back outside... and it ran right back in. WTF, bug, you belong outside. D: There was one in my bedroom, too. It must have gotten in through a closed window somehow, because my bedroom is on the opposite end of my apartment from my door.

We can have a visit from an exterminator for free, but they need the apartment cleared for 5 hours. That's easy enough for me, I can go to work, but my cat is another issue. If the exterminator can get rid of millipedes too though, I might have to take her and go sit out in the car or something. Even though I don't like the idea of poison being sprayed in the house... might have to look for a more natural solution tomorrow.

3) I think maybe I just don't like jerky. I bought some from a recommended company ($18 for 12 serving sized packs), and I hate it. It was supposedly teriyaki pineapple flavor, but tasted like neither. I don't like room temperature meat much either, I guess. I wish I could have spent less and gotten a smaller package of it, but that was the smallest one. I give up. :/ I keep trying jerky, but never like it.
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