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Have you seen Jurassic World?

I never, ever go see movies in the theater. It's been more than five years since I've last gone. One of the big reasons is the cost of tickets around here.

There are a few movies I'd make exceptions for, and the Jurassic Park series is one of them. (The next Avatar movie will probably be the next one I see in a theater.) Seeing the first Jurassic Park movie was one of my top movie-going experiences ever -- "real" dinosaurs! So lifelike! Magical and amazing! As soon as I heard Jurassic World was coming out, I knew I'd be seeing it in the theater.

So now I'm sitting here, trying to pick a time. I knew the ticket costs would be high, but once I decided on a time and theater, I clicked just because I was curious about the cost.

$17. For one single adult ticket. Noon showtime.

My god. Okay, that's 3D IMAX, but plain 3D is $11, and non-3D is $7. Such insane prices! Gah!

But I still mostly want to go. I know I'll kick myself if I don't see this movie on a big screen, so I guess I will go. But how should I see it?

How should Jurassic World be seen?

Damn the torped-- er, cost! IMAX 3D!
Plain ol' 3D was good enough for our parents, so it's good enough for us!
2D is perfectly fine and dandy for this movie
Skip it seeing it and wait for it to come out in theaters.

Edit: BLAH! I messed up that last poll answer, and you can't edit it once it's posted. Should be "Skip it seeing it now and wait for it to come out on video".

Edit 2: To put the cost in perspective: The new FFXIV expansion cost less than $40. I'll get more than a full year of entertainment from that, many, many, many hours a day every single day. Compare that to $17 for a 2 hour movie...
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