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I give up...

That Harry Potter fanfic series that I've been reading for a while, the one that's longer than all the books? I have to give up on it.

The first book was great, I tore through it and loved nearly every word of it. The second book was pretty darned good too. Both had a tiny issue: The characters used 'fuck', and it seemed very out of character to me. (The story is an AU, and Harry was raised by pure wizards, knew no muggles.) Harry and Draco using 'fuck' just didn't seem to fit, but at least it didn't happen very often. (Though once near the end of the second story Harry said 'fuck you very much' and I was like... really?)

The third book really fell apart for me. 'Fuck's rained from the sky. More than that, this writer developed the same problem another writer had. A year or so back I read another fanfic series, that series was also longer than a half-dozen RL books put together. That series, and this HP one, used 'whispers' endlessly. Characters having a normal conversation? One suddenly whispers for no reason. Two people arguing? One suddenly murmurs. Two people standing across the room from each other? One 'breathes' out the words, yet the other hears it fine. Endless whispers, every other line of dialogue! No reason at all for it!

Why? Are whispers assumed to be more dramatic or something? I'm really surprised that two authors of extremely long fanfic series would have the same problem.

It's really too bad, there's so much left of the series to read, but I'm to the point where my eyes just scan the page and jump from 'whispers' to 'whispers' to 'whispers'.
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