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My daughter, the bodybuilder mistress waitress!

I said I was going to uninstall Princess Maker, but I was weak and did not. I gave in and played another game tonight. I wish it could somehow be shortened, I can't spend hours on this thing!

So, my daughter turned out better this time! ('Better' being more interesting.) I spent her first 3.5 years building up her strength and making her into a warrior (she was able to kill nearly anything, including the dragons!) I got her the best weapon and the best armor. This makes the second half of her time with me all the more amusing. Imagine this musclebound 13 year old, and I mean muscular to put a grown male bodybuilder to shame. Next I built up her sin and charisma. Alas, she got arrested five times in one year (which knocks your sin down to zero each time), so my ending sin wasn't too high, but her charisma got up to match the same rating as her strength!

So we now have an 18 year old, more muscular than Arnold Schwarzenegger, but one of the most beautiful "women" (girl) on the planet. Add into it that she's the mistress to two different men, and she works in a "sleazy bar" doing "waitressing and whatnot" (I love that 'and whatnot'). All this, and I still got a passable father rating! Heh heh heh.

Alas, this is my third time through the game, and the same as the other times no one would marry my daughter! This might be the reason why...

Letter from my daughter to me. I choose to believe that this is written totally sarcastically. (Read the second paragraph especially!)

My daughter's final fate. (No, they don't adjust the graphics based on your weight or muscles or anything.)

...though she didn't have a brain in her head.

Edit: Catlove is being a bitch tonight, so if the links don't work, then sorry.
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