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Free books (ebooks, Kindle)

A publisher sent me an email offering a bunch of books to review, and while none of them were to my taste this month, the bottom had a list of books currently free on Amazon. (Free "today", but I assume this is more than a 24 hour thing.)

Mortis -- some kind of zombie book.
MURDER in WONDERLAND (Allie Griffin Mysteries Book 1) -- Mystery, I assume.
Whatever You Cherish -- Mystery
Secret Blend (Bourbon Springs Book 1) -- Romance
The Farmer Takes a Wife: Las Morenas, #0.5 (Las Morenas Series) -- Romance
Sergeant at Arms (Winged Beasts Book 0) -- Romance? Fantasy?

The only one on the list that I'm considering is the last one, since I suspect it'll be amusingly bad.
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