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Brought to You by the Letters: H, B, and O

This sounds like a win-win situation. Sesame Workshop, the makers of Sesame Street, is partnering with HBO in a 5 year deal. Sesame Workshop will be able to produce a lot more content ("35 new Sesame Street episodes a year, up from the 18 it now produces", as well as two new shows). HBO shows the episodes first, and then after nine months PBS stations get all the shows for 100% free.

I don't see a downside to that, other than if HBO tries to influence the content. The story I linked had parents upset about "having to pay to see the episodes", but I suspect that's just people wanting to be upset -- do kids really care how soon they get new Sesame Street episodes? As young as that audience must be?


And in wacky Japanese video news: Cats wearing hats shaped like cats wearing hats:

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