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"But at least I've never had the plague..." (and Deep Space Nine)

A secret on Fandom Secrets amused me today:

I feel like I can use that myself. Crappy day at work? "Well at least I've never had the plague!" Didn't lose weight? "Well at least I've never had the plague!" Just the idea of comparing it that way makes me feel better.

I forgot to mention in my post last night that I'm rewatching Deep Space Nine. It's so daunting how many episodes there are (seven seasons, each with 26+ hour long episodes), but they're almost all darned good eps, so I'm enjoying it. I just started the fourth season, so the storyline is really picking up.

Know what else picked up about the show then? The themesong. They play it at double the speed from season four on, which is driving me nuts. I loved the slow version so much, I had forgotten that it ever changed. I listened to it every ep in seasons 1-3, but I'm starting to consider skipping it now.

I haven't watched the series since it originally aired (back in 1993), so I'm surprised that all my favorite characters are still the same. Garak is still the best character ever ever ever. I've mellowed out on the character I hated -- I still don't like Kira, but I understand her more now. A lot of the relationships in the show are so painful to see. Miles/Keiko for example. I don't know why they made her such an awful person, but it's over the top and annoys me instead of making me feel bad for O'Brien.

I had the very bad timing of watching the series' best, most sad episode ever last night. The Visitor, which is apparently almost always #1 or #2 on any "best episode of any SF show ever" list. I was already seriously emotional, and I think that story would have made me cry anyway, but it just hit me so hard last night. So good, but so sad.

I'm kind of missing "real" (broadcast) TV. Whenever I do one of these rewatches, I stop watching TV and watch nothing but the series. If I stop watching the series, then it quickly falls off my radar and I never get back to it. Clone Wars, Reign, Teen Wolf, The 100, and so many others: I'm looking at you.
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