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TIL: Zip lining isn't for me.

Today was my company outing: Zip lining in the redwood forest. Get tied into a harness, go 60-200 feet up, and jump. The harness/cable above you catches you, and across you slide. Supposedly our longest zip was 20 seconds, but each one felt like a half-hour long. (You zip to one platform, wait for your group to come one by one, then zip to the next one... repeat seven or eight times at varying heights.)

Protip: Being 60 feet up and 200 feet up don't look all that different. "Too damned high." Some people in my group liked it, a couple LOVED it and went a second time, one person got too scared and had to leave the tree before the first zip. I was a little less scared than he was, but I spent most of the time clinging to the tree or to the line that attached us to the cable/tree/bridge/whatever.

I was the only person out of the company who got injured -- and not only that, I got hurt twice! Twice my arm got caught in? pushed against? the cable, so I have two long, wide rope burns/bad bruises on my forearm.

More embarrassingly, on one leg I got stuck -- I hadn't reached the platform so had to pull myself in... except I couldn't. They had to come rescue me. So damned embarrassing. With not just everyone watching me, but it was filmed as well.

My legs were so shaky once we were done, and then came the hard part: Walking up a bunch of stairs back up the mountain side. I honestly thought I wasn't going to be able to make it up them all, which was again quite embarrassing.

After the zip lining, I had to spend two hours sitting in the sun in 90 degree heat doing nothing. The company had had games planned, but it was so hot that no one wanted to do anything but sit. So hot and bored.

The food was sadly pretty bad and cold (it had been out for hours before I got to eat, since I was on the first zip lining run).

I did want to try going, so I guess I'm glad I did, but I intend never, ever, ever to do that sort of thing again. I'd rather be safe and happy on the ground.
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