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I'm sorry, random zip lining guides!

We had two guides on my zip lining trip, and they were both good, friendly people. They knew their jobs, did it well, and tried their best to make people have fun -- even scaredy cats like me. My subconscious mind seems not to agree with that though!

Last night I had a nightmare that the two of them trapped me, broke my leg in two places and my hip as well, then drugged me enough to keep me quiet (but awake) and started draining out all the blood from my body.

First off: Thanks brain. Nothing like waking up at 3 AM after experiencing that. It was so sharp and detailed, I felt sick.
Second: I feel almost like I have to apologize to the guides for my brain using them in that way! Conscious me does not think a single bad thing about them, they were great. I guess my subconscious brain has them paired with the fear of being up high though...
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