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Zoo: The best worst show ever

I just finished most of the first season of Zoo. (Unfortunately the last couple episodes haven't been aired yet.) The show has the most stupid "science" I've ever seen on TV, the characters make the most unrealistic decisions ever, and they're all so very serious about everything that happens. It makes for the funniest show I've seen in a long, long time.

The basic idea behind the show is that "something" is changing the animals. They're all getting smarter, more violent, better at killing humans. An "unlikely group of people" team up to try to figure out what's causing it and stop it.

The science is so so so so amusingly bad. One of the team members decides that bacteria is causing all the troubles, but all they have is a hotel room to do their science in. Oh and they have a dead wolf that's been infected with whatever. So they pay the bellhop to fetch them a couple of coconuts, and use them to test for the bacteria. How? Well per the show, coconut water has the exact same chemical makeup as cerebrospinal fluid, so they dump the liquid from the coconuts into a coffee pot, add wolf blood... and it explodes. The group scientist sees this as proof that it is in fact a bacteria causing it!

The show wouldn't be as funny if the characters didn't take all this so seriously.

The animals are the most amusingly bad part of this. A pack of wolves breaks into a prison, kills everyone inside it (tricking people into opening all the gates and cells), and then sets it on fire.

Two women in an Antarctica research station have NO SOURCE OF POWER other than four solar panels (in Antarctica! Where it snows/cloudy/overcast endlessly! And they have six months of darkness!). And apparently there are thousands of bats that live in Antarctica. They must all have little sweaters to keep from freezing.

Oh, and bears grow armor under their skin, and male rats have babies.

While I don't think anyone should care about spoilers, I'm going to cut this just in case.
Chemicals! Some Evil Company has a chemical (the "mother cell" I think it was called) in every product they make. So it gets into the food chain and makes all the animals evolve to be better able to kill humans. All the animals can all talk to each other, and all animals now want to kill humans.

The worst part is, I could see some people being all YEAH THAT COULD HAPPEN! The same type of people who are against vaccines and think science is one big scam...

As bad as this show is, I loved it. I cannot believe how bad and stupid it is, but it goes right around the bend to amusingly stupid. Remember that movie The Happening? Where evil trees were killing off all the humans in the world? It's like that, just with animals.
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