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Hyper the Sinful Princess

Tonight's game of Princess Maker was pretty boring, other than that I named the princess Hyper (peppygrowlithe).

And look! Hyper's dress! (Yes, that *is* leather!)

Hyper's stats! Intelligence? 0. Strength? 0. But look at that sin rating!

Princess Hyper is just bursting with sin.

Even non-humans were hitting on her!

And in the end, Princess Hyper ended up as all of my daughters have so far.


And on an unrelated note: Clay (of American Idol) in a tux. OH MY GOD. Excuse me while I melt.

Edited to add: Oh my, oh my. Clay sang Unchained Melodies (that song from the Ghost movie). I love that song and I love him and he's so cute and oh man. He needs to sing more love songs. Man.
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