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Another 100 words

I had the idea for this one in my head since Monday. I'm glad I finally got it out and onto "paper".

(Same challenge, must use all five senses.)

Title: The Things We Do For Love (or: Sometimes Fewer Senses Would Be Better)
Word Count: 100, per Word
Characters: Mostly just Filch

The smell was the worst part, rising in nearly visible waves to bathe his face -- but looking at it wasn't any sort of picnic either! He averted his eyes; he knew what was in there, studying 'em didn't make it any easier!

His nose wasn't the only thing getting the smell; dust rose as he worked, inhaled in through his mouth, coating his tongue until he could almost taste it. His hand tightened upon the smooth wooden handle.

"Meeeeow!" she demanded.

"I know, my sweet."

Filch promised himself: From now on, kids on detention would clean Mrs. Norris's catbox.

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