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Well, what do you know. My Netflix payments really were being routed through Luxemburg...

I spent nearly an hour in online chat with the Netflix support people. That it took that long, you'd think it would have been a bad experience, but all in all I'm pretty happy. (And even more happy, since it had been looking more and more like my credit card had been compromised.)

The support person noticed something I hadn't: I was supposed to be paying $7.99 or $9.99 per month (depending on what? I don't know), but I was paying $13.62 a month. I noticed an issue that I hadn't originally: This wasn't going on just two months. My online banking records go back three months, and it was at least going on that long.

Yes, I swear, I do look at my statement every time I pay my bills. I do not know how I didn't notice that foreign transaction fee sooner. Not noticing that I wasn't paying exactly the right price? That's more understandable. But the fee? No idea how I missed that.

So the person I was dealing with acted as the middle man between me and the "Netflix research team". Lots of questions, and I had to submit screenshots of my online banking transactions showing the amount and the fee.

The resolution:

My team has checked into this and I really appreciate you giving us the time to check into it. Seems the bank some how routed this back to Luxembburg instead of US. But no worries. We have fixed this for you and gave you a 4 month free subscriptions for this inconviniences. If by any chance you see this happen again in your next billing date please contact us and your bank since we will now know that this is an issue that the bank is re routing the amount wrongfully.

Four months of free subscription isn't as good as it sounds, since I had been paying almost $14 instead of $8 or $10 for who knows how many months. (I could call the credit card company and find out how many, but meh, my own fault for not noticing it sooner.) Netflix also closed and reopened my account to hopefully clear up whatever caused this.

As long as this issue took to solve, it seems like it wasn't a common problem they were having. Dare I think, unique? If I'm going to have a problem, I kind of like being unique about it. I'm sure the support people don't feel the same though!
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