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TV updates

The third season of Orange is the New Black has been out for a while now, but I hadn't been in the mood to catch up on it. Part of it was the disappointment in the latest season of House of Cards -- I went from loving that show to disliking it, and I was worried the same would happen with OitNB.

While the season had a few slower eps, overall I loved it. I especially LOVED the final episode. It was just so happy and free, with all the women "escaping" to the lake! And all the new arrivals? So much potential for next season!

I was surprised at how much I loved Penntucky this season. Her rape (heck, her whole episode) killed me. The Penntucky/Boo friendship is the most wonderful thing ever. Heck, Boo is too!

The minor ("minor") characters all rocked, but Piper and Alex do next to nothing for me. Though I do like this perhaps evil new Piper, setting her girlfriend up (AGAIN). I doubt it's going to last though.

Now I just have to wait for season four!

When I finished OitNB, Netflix's banner was for some scifi show I had never heard of: Dark Matter. Six people wake up on a weapons transport spaceship, with no memories of themselves or what they should be doing. I'm only on the first ep, but I'm enjoying it. It's by Canada's Space network, and seems like I've enjoyed everything I've seen from them.

Netflix now has Reign season 2, so I guess I'll finally catch up with that. Well, "catch up", as season 3 started already...

Also, thanks to wizardelfgirl, I learned there's a Guardians of the Galaxy animated series that I have to track down.

It's totally OitNB's fault, but I'm so obsessed with this song now:

I've been listening to it nonstop for a couple days now. The beat, the slowness about it, his voice, the lyrics, everything holds my attention so well.
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