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TV: Part Two

While I haven't posted about it here, my money situation is getting tighter and tighter. I live in one of the most expensive places in the country (more so than even places like New York City). My rent is significantly over 50% of my pay... and my rent keeps going up while my salary does not. Add on the endless medical crap that I seem to always be going through, and I'm losing $300-$1,000 in savings per month, every month. That's a serious problem.

Fun fact: My sister's rent for a four bedroom home is less than a quarter of my rent for a one bedroom apartment.

I had posted about turning off my TV service a couple months ago, but then I chickened out. Part of it was that I had months of Tivo service left, but most of it was that I just didn't want to let it go. However, Tivo is up for renewal mid-November, so this seems the time to do it. I discontinued that this morning.

My mother is coming for a visit. And while I love her, this is going to be a hard visit. She does not understand/believe that I'm having trouble with money. She thinks I "deserve" to live well and buy what I want -- I understand why she says it, but that logic drives me crazy. How much money you have, your spending ability, is not based on what you "deserve". She loves shopping (I hate it) -- for her it's just a fun activity to do. She has a very very rich long-term boyfriend who gives her money for whatever she wants, so I think that skews her view of things. Once she leaves, I'll be turning my TV service off. (Edit: Not to hide that I'm doing it, I already told her I am, but she likes watching TV so I want to have it while she's here.)

This shouldn't be a hard thing to adjust to (I hope). The rare times I turn my TV on, it's to watch something I Tivo'ed -- so I could just as easily download it or watch it online.

I just need to make a list of shows I want to catch (which will be surprisingly short, I think it's about three shows right now -- Great British Baking Challenge, Face Off, Ink Masters (four I guess, and whatever that post-Ink Masters show is called). Most of the rest of what I watch is on Netflix or downloaded.

Eventually, hopefully this December, I might get a promotion/raise at work (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE). If it's not this December, it will be next December, and I don't know if I can hold out that long. I mean technically I can, but it will be rough, and the idea of living paycheck to paycheck would keep me up at night.
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