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Buying contact lenses online?

A question for my friends list!

I've always just bought my contacts from my optometrist, partly to help support their office, but mostly because I was too darned lazy to go through the work of getting them elsewhere.

This year, in about a week, I'm going in for my checkup, and this time I'd like to go the cheaper route for getting my new ones.

Does anyone order them online? Or somewhere not-from-doctor's-office? I heard Costco has good (the best?) prices, but I don't have a membership there.

If you order them online, is it a pain? Based on the reading I've done, you pay the full thing out of pocket, then submit the invoice to your insurance.


Edit: Wow, Inside Out is such a sweet movie! I hadn't been interested in seeing it for the longest time (a movie about emotions? in someone's head? really?), but it totally worked! I liked seeing the emotions in the adults' heads best, how different it was from the kid's. (The clips over the closing credits were some of the best parts!) But the very bestest part? The emotions in the cat's head! I laughed out loud. So very perfect!

If you haven't seen it yet, very much recommended!
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