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Books #32 and 33 of 2015: Breakdown and Isolation (Remnants #6 and #7))

Breakdown by K. A. Applegate
Rating: Okay (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

Isolation by K. A. Applegate
Rating: Okay (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

Man, these book covers are unimpressive. This one is the best of the series thus far:

This is a more typical cover. It does so little for me:

My enjoyment of this book series keeps going downhill. The awful, awful editing is part of it. (It's published by Scholastic! Marketed for schools and kids! They should be edited well!) I can overlook a couple errors in a book (though they make me grumpy), but these books tend to have an error per page.

I don't even know anymore. These books are so short, I can't keep track what happens in one as opposed to the next.

There are three different alien species along with the last of the humans, all fighting for control of Mother (the ship). These two books were about a war, a "final battle" between the aliens, the humans just trying to stay alive.

In addition to the editing, one of the characters is really reducing my enjoyment of the series. He's the US president's son, spoiled rotten. As the book is set in the near future, people can get genetic work done to themselves, so he used it to look perfect and used the DNA of cats to get golden, glowing cat eyes. He won the "hottest teen in the world" award many years running. He's just such an unpleasant person, I hate spending any time reading about him. And now, due to plot happenings, he thinks he's a god, which only makes him even more unpleasant to read about. He's just the type of bad guy I hate: black/white. He's nothing but 100% bad, nothing to balance him or make him interesting. In these last two books, he wasn't featured much, but I worry where this whole god plot is going.

This series has been pretty good thus far about making the survivors' skills reasonable, until this last book. One of the kids, who is a computer wiz, is confronted with a "keyboard" (a panel of symbols) to an alien computer in an alien language. In minutes, he realizes a firewall is blocking their task. Moments later, he's successfully hacked through it. All in a language he does not know, using something he hadn't even realized was a keyboard/computer moments earlier. Blah.

The series is 14 books long, so I just hit the midpoint of it. I'm quickly losing interest in it though, I don't know if I'll make it to the end.
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