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Buying contact lenses online -- part two (and vacation, books)

As a follow-up to my post asking for experiences with buying contacts online: Turns out it was moot. The brand I use (Acuvue) has its price set by the manufacturer, so anyone, online or off, has to sell it for the same price. On one hand, that makes it easier for me -- no need to figure out doing it online and getting it covered by my insurance afterwards. But on the other... isn't there some kind of rule about price fixing like that? There should be...

Unrelated to prices, I think this is going to be the last time I visit that office. They always keep me waiting a long time (today it was 45 minutes sitting alone in the room waiting for the doctor! No one even checked on me once), they never apologize for the wait. Rude.

Tomorrow my vacation starts. Time off work, mother coming to visit. (Hear that, burglars? I can post about it in advance because I'm not leaving home -- in fact, there will be an extra person here, so even worse time to try!) I need to find more very cheap (or better: free) entertaining things we can do.

I finished two more books in the Remnants series, but I decided I'm just going to wait until the end of the series to post about them, otherwise I'll just keep saying the same thing: Story semi-interesting, writing/editing godawful, books way too short. I was thinking, maybe K. A. Applegate brought a ghost writer in on this series, too. That might explain why the editor seemed to die at a certain point in the series -- the couple of early books were well-written and edited, but these later ones are just plain awful.
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