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Netflix, get my money out of Luxembourg...

I'm getting tired of Netflix's issues. After sending my payments through Luxembourg, thus 1) charging me 50% more a month than they should, and 2) making my credit card charge me a foreign transaction fee, they shut down and reopened my account to supposedly correct this issue.

It didn't work...

Last month I was charged $14 again instead of the $8 it should be, plus the foreign transaction fee. I have no idea why dealing with them takes so long, but I spent an entire hour with their support team, even though I was able to directly quote what happened last time (had a log of the conversation). Hmm, I checked the box for a copy of the log from this one too, but it never arrived. That's a problem... (Sigh.)

The "solution" this time? Not just cancel and reopen my account, but cancel it, delete it from their systems, and make a whole new account. For some other service, that might not be a big deal at all, but that means I lost all my lists and progress on various shows and such.


On top of that, I need to keep track of this so that they don't mess up and charge me too much again. As it stands now I should have:

1 month free (for being charged at all this month)
4 months free (from being overcharged multiple months last time)
$6 credit to my next month after that (for the difference in what I paid vs should have paid this month, if I had has to pay at all)

The bigger issue on top of that is that I should be charged the $8/month "current customer" fee for the basic account level (or what's currently basic: two screens, HD where available), not the "new customer" fee of $9/month. I really hope I remember to check that five months from now...

I hope this settles the issue. I'm sure Luxembourg is a nice place, but having my payments be sent through leads to nothing but problems.
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