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I'm baaaack! With kittens (Sort of)

My visit with my mother went well, though I wish I could see her more than once a year. We did some shopping, played a ton of board and card games, and generally just hung out together.

Since money is tighter this year, I used Uber to get her to and from the airport. (If it had been me, I'd rather use the group van service cities have -- it's a lot cheaper, and since it's "official" it would make me feel more secure, but she hates the airport vans.) Turns out Uber is a great service, though not as cheap as I'd like (about half the price of a car service, and less than a taxi).

While it's great visiting her, it's surprisingly hard to go a whole week without reading. I was able to get some online time while she slept and while we watched a movie or TV, but other than that my online time was limited. (I did keep up with my LJ friends list though!)

I wish I could see her more often. She is unfortunately getting older (as mothers tend to do), and I know our time is growing shorter. We're on opposite sides of the country though, so it's a whole day's flight one way. I know it's both very selfish and stupid, but sometimes I hope I'll die first, so I won't have to get through the pain and loss of losing her. I have almost no family other than her, and we're very close (talk daily on the phone, text multiple times a day). My sister is my only other family, but unfortunately we're not close -- I'd like to do something about that, but it's hard, especially since we also live on opposite coasts and we're just about as different as two people can be.

I have to get my toe nail permanently removed Monday morning, then back to work Monday afternoon. Boo.

Since I used Uber, I'm now on their mailing list, so they send me things like this: Uber will deliver kittens to your office! $30 for a 15 minute visit from a group of kittens. Some of the fee goes to local shelters, though I don't know how much. What a fun idea!
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