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Well that was surprisingly easy...

There are horror stories about how hard it is to cancel your Comcast service, so I was dreading having to call in and cancel my TV service. But I said I was going to do it at the end of my vacation, and that's today, so I did it.

Hold time was 3-4 minutes per their recorded message, but I think it was closer to half that.

The guy asked me once why I didn't want it (I lied and said I was giving TV up -- I figured I needed a reason that would be hard to argue against), and then he tried to tell me about promotions to keep both it and my Internet service as a package, but I interrupted him and said no thanks, and that was it. Maybe 30 seconds of basically effortlessness to cancel it.

Unfortunately my Internet service goes up a bit without the TV package. It was about $65/month with TV (for a total of about $150), and it's $82/month stand alone. Not great, but better.

Next thing I have to look into is my cellphone plan. That's $100/month, which is crazy., Verizon was even easier to deal with, I didn't even have to call in. With a couple clicks on their website, I got more data (which doesn't matter much, since I never used the limit on what I had) and cut my bill nearly in half. I feel silly for not looking into this sooner!

So that's about $100 a month saved, which is a start... Even if I get a raise in December (which SHOULD happen, but "should" might not matter), I still need to make more cuts in my life. Some will be easy (Ellie New Cat is no longer going to get the very best catfood there is -- she was on it for years to lose weight, and still needs to lose weight so clearly it's not doing the trick) and I'm giving up Amazon Prime (my mother is going to let me piggyback on hers when needed), but some will be harder (I really need to look into a smaller apartment, though I just signed my lease a couple months ago, so it will be a while yet before I can move. I don't want to move. ;; )

Life is rough when you live in one of the most expensive places in the country and don't have a paycheck that matches...
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