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No TV + no game (MMO down 24 hour for maintenance) = zzz boring.

My one-week checkup on my toe was today. Got stitches out (OW OW OW), turns out it's infected yet again. Sigh. I'm on antibiotics once more, hopefully they'll do a good job of knocking it out without killing my stomach.

I'm mostly getting used to having no TV. Now and then I miss it, but I miss it in the way I miss grazing (mindlessly eating). It's just filler, nothing I really ever paid much attention to. I can watch live TV on various websites, like this one or this one, or there are the "official" sites, like Toss in Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and I have quite a collection of entertainment.

Netflix has 12 seasons of NCIS, so I started in on that. Many eps are new to me, though some I've caught before. It amazes me how good the very first episode of the series is -- the characters, timing, writing, etc all seem just as good as the later eps. Often it takes some time for a show to get its feet under it.

Usually when I watch a show, I watch only it and nothing else, but this time I'm alternating NCIS and The Great British Bake Off (The Great British Baking Show in the US). Oddly the fifth UK season was shown as the first season in the US, and the fourth UK season was shown as our seconds. Now that I've seen all of the first season, I can kind of understand not starting there (it was quite the different show), but I think they could have started with the second season. (I'm halfway through the second season now.) The seasons are so short though! It's sad, I'm going to be out of them too soon.

I want to check out The Great British Sewing Bee next. (changeling72 said good things about it.) The first season doesn't seem to be around online, but I'm going to get the second while I'm thinking about it. (Edit: Found season one, woot!)

Money is stressing me out. I ran the numbers, and if I don't want my savings to go down, I have $100 per month to spend on all food, car gas, electric, medical, basically everything other than rent/Internet/phone. I spend more than $100/month on just medical stuff... My boss let me know that she's pushing hard for a promotion for me come December, but it's not fully in her hands, so... we'll see.
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