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The Walking Dead

While I still watch this show, I don't rabidly follow it. Even though this week's episode made me highly (HIGHLY) grumpy, I wouldn't be posting about it if the The Talking Dead people weren't all so happy about it.

Glenn used to be one of my favorite characters, at least until the whole Glenn/Maggie thing happened. The more focused he got on her, the less interested I was in him as a character. So when he "died", I wasn't really muchly bothered. In fact, I was pleased to see that the show was still willing to kill off such a main character.

And then they went back on it.


They filmed it to make it "clear" that he was really dead. I knew they could wiggle out of it if they wanted to, but I had hoped it would stand. It feels cheap that they saved him, like a trick.

I'm not going to stop watching the show over it, but it sure does make me frown a whole lot more.

Edit: See? See how biased The Talking Dead is? They did a poll on viewers' reactions to Glenn being alive. The three options were: Tears of joy, happy dance, and peed a little. Where are the negative choices?

Unrelated: Watching TV through online feeds has a few small benefits. Most feeds seem to come from the east coast, so I get to watch everything three hours early. It's also fun that when I watch news, it's usually out of New York City. My childhood home area often gets mentioned! Odd and fun!

Earlier today I was watching a Food Network feed, and it was coming out of the UK. Amusingly, they had little 30 second promos for explaining "American food", like what corndogs are. Ha!

I know it sounds odd, but I guess since I see them so infrequently now, I don't mind commercials at all, especially when they come from other areas. It's fun trying to guess where a feed is coming from based on the commercials.
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