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I'm going to be stuck in meetings all day, boo. My stomach is really bothering me too, which makes the all day meetings more of an issue. Blah!

Yesterday was my birthday. My company was doing a blood drive the same day, so I decided to take part. Never before (when I was heavier) could I take part because even for medical blood draws they could never find a vein and had to take it out of the back of my hand (OW). But now they can do it in my elbow just fine, so I decided that a great thing to do on my birthday would be to give back to the world...

Except I can't donate blood. I got there, filled out all the forms, did the interview with the nurse, only to discover that since my toe is still infected and I'm on antibiotics, I can't donate. It makes sense, but it depressed me for the whole day, nearly to the point of crying over it (I suspect PMS on that issue). It was worse because, when I checked in and they discovered it was my birthday, they sang to me. Then I had to slink out without donating. Blah.

In the evening, I watched the new Lion King movie/start of the animated series. The Lion Guard. While I was far from the target audience (preschoolers), I enjoyed it a heck of a lot. They ruined the hyenas (which makes sense, they don't want to scare the little kids), and there was too much silliness for me (again makes sense, little kids would like that), but this will be a series that I'm sure I'll be able to enjoy.

Since yesterday was my birthday, I went out for lunch (even though I'm trying to save money so never go out anymore). Just a couple of chicken skewers and I was bad and bought a small, freshly baked baguette (I had a mental IT'S MY BIRTHDAY I WANT TO EAT BAD STUFF!) moment. I had expected that I was going to eat the whole thing, but oddly I found I didn't want to. I ended up sticking half of it into the freezer for some future bread craving emergency.

Somehow, even though I had bread and butter(!!!) and what I thought was grilled chicken though was oddly very greasy, my weight was actually down this morning. If it stays down on my official weighing morning (Friday) I'm going to consider trying to be looser about calories one day a week. Maybe a slightly higher calorie day will shake my body up some and get me off this endless (two month long!!!) plateau.
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